1. Workshop
Free customer journey workshop with a senior product designer or developer
2. Process map
After this workshop you will have greater clarity on how your work impacts your customers. And will have several things you can automate.


3. Gather
Don't have the right data? We help you set up collection.
4. Use
We help you set up your data process so you have actionable data.
5. Data funnel
After this step you will have better insights into all targeted business processes and how they impact your bottom line


6. Choose
Pick a manual process or step in that process, we will build automation
7. Simplify
Does it need a human in the loop? Or an autonomous AI? We will help you set up that pipeline.
8. Operationalise
Need to self host? We'll help you set up on prem.

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Jesper Bylund

Product & Design

Decades of product & design experience. Has designed games, health tech, CLI tools, and flight control for autonomous flying robot taxis.

[email protected]

Fredrik Paulin


Decades of development & entrepreneurship. Has built social networks, programmed bank mainframes, and launched many companies.

[email protected]

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